Cruising with a Cause - Volunteer to serve on your next cruise!


Say “Bon Voyage” and launch into your dream vacation. Visit sun-drenched islands and exciting cultures. Unwind as you enjoy 5-star restaurants and first-class service. Relax…all volunteer projects are arranged via internet before you board your ship.


Serve at one or more ports of call. Volunteer as an individual, with your family, or as a group. Choose the charity or organization that best utilizes your talents. Options include; playing with orphans, serving food, painting, beach clean-up, or caring for neglected animals.


Return to the luxurious amenities aboard your ship. Relax with your friends and family as you share your experiences and adventures. Sleep soundly knowing your sacrifices have impacted those you’ve helped. Cherish lifelong memories.

Serving and Impacting the Caribbean